We're happy to share our latest recordings, our upcoming concerts, our bios and photographs. Sample some of our songs. Tour through our favorite sites and
influences, taste some of the music we love. After all, why would anyone bother to write songs if there was no way to be heard. And let us hear back from you.

Pat & Tex have been writing and singing together since 1975. There's something about a life on the road that hints of romance and intrigue. It appeals on many levels.
But it doesn't always pay for college or the mortgage. So now that Tex has received his first social security check, we're chomping at the bit to put some more of that
adventure into life -- with music as the boat that we hope will take us on some more fascinating detours from the 'normal'. People, we have found, will come out of the
woodwork and find you if you put yourself out there a little bit. We have loved that. So we are reaching out and finding all sorts of crazy scenes that make us laugh and
cry. Sometimes at the same time. We are not too old for that. We're different. We're more balanced and less crazy ourselves so we can enjoy the revelry without fearing
getting lost in it. We also see the power of music and we're clear we need to guide our own use of that power to do only what is helpful in the world. So if you want
to play in that arena, come along for the ride. Enjoy. Welcome!

By the way. Do you want to know my theory of why people are fans of some performer? I think it's because they trigger the person's own music. It's like falling
in love. You connect with people who have qualities you want in yourself and you fall in love. So my job is to communicate back to someone who admires my
music: "You really love music. You find joy in harmonies? You like the idea of singing your heart out and putting that energy into the universe? Well, you can.
Begin. Work on your own music and dance with the muse yourself. It can be fun. But whatever you do, don't lose sight of the fact that it is fun. When it gets
to be for popularity or money or work, you have gone down a complicated maze. Back up and find the fun path again." It's amazing what changes people will
allow themselves to go through for their music, but for their lives, they would never do it.

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